Dad and I hunted 5 states in 5 years with no luck, then we tried Turtle Creek Outfitters. We scored one trophy and missed another. Rodger E NJ

The 12 point came out of nowhere. I was so excited, I used my 40 yard pin at 15 yards. I was lucky to get him! Love the rolling hills and creeks. Ryan P WI

I highly recommend Don’s place. Great properties with no pressure. I bagged an 11 point! Keith H WI

I dare not move as two bucks moved in. The smaller one sniffed the ladder I was in. The bigger one watched as the smaller buck slowly walked off. Plenty of action! Jack G MN

I watched a four point take on this Bruiser for 10 minutes! Its deer heaven back there! Shot my first archery buck ever at TCO. Mike O MN

I think about the white pine stand where I shot my buck every day of the year. Tate P MI

The BEST hunt I’ve ever had…..and I didn’t even shoot! No pressure and lots of action. Greg Q PA

An 8 point stopped at 20 yards to work a scrape. Perfect, except I shot low. Ed W WI

The Opener TV Show’s experience at Turtle Creek was awesome! Great food, big bucks, beautiful country, what more could you want. Tyler H PA

Beautiful country with rolling hills and creeks. Many deer almost every day. Steve H WI

Shot my first buck ever on the second day, a 12 point! Ethan P MI

Man, this is an adrenaline rush that can’t be matched! Jeremy K MN

Its not a question of seeing deer, just how many. Rodger E NJ

Too much work!!! It just killed me not to be at TCO this year. Count me in for next year! Jeremy K MN

Opening morning a Trophy 10 was in the shadows. I didn’t need the binocs for this buck! Beautiful deer. Greg Q VA


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