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Jeremy’s 10 Point Buck

Ten minutes earlier, an 8 point buck went by on the same path. Jeremy took some video of the 8 and sent it to me.View full post »

WI Trophy Whitetail

With my back to the creek, I heard a splash. It wasn’t the crash and splash one expects during the rut. ThisView full post »

Weather Proof Deer Stands | TCO

We’ve replaced a few of our smaller, well worn deer stands. These new 360˙deer stands are 6′ tall andView full post »

The Licking Branch | Deer Standing

The licking branch, the bulletin board, the communications center. Social media. Call it what you will, but the primaryView full post »

Ethan’s First Buck | WI Trophy

Ethan scored his first buck ever, his first time hunting at Turtle Creek Outfitters. As you all know, sometimes it justView full post »

Jeremy Buck | WI Whitetail

Everything I’ve read and most everybody I’ve spoken with said 2015 produced an elusive rut. Record warmView full post »

Rodger buck | Turtle Creek Outfitters

Congratulations to Rodger on taking this trophy archery buck, we call “The Dude.” While in stand,View full post »

Bowhunter Magazine Article by Dwight Schuh | Taking Stock

On the last page of the September 2015 magazine, Bowhunter, I found an insightful hunting perspective from DwightView full post »

Trophy WI Whitetail Buck Arrives Home

This is what your trophy buck looks like when he arrives home, or in this case to work. We had a custom builtView full post »