• Wisconsin Deer Hunting at Turtle Creek

    Welcome to the heart of deer country, located only 90 minutes from the Twin Cities. We're outfitters in western Wisconsin with free range custom hunting packages for you. Whether you prefer archery or rifle season, we invite you to deer hunt Wisconsin whitetail with us.

    In the hills of western Wisconsin, at the northern edge of the Driftless Area, you'll find the peace and quiet and the trophy bucks of your dreams. Our properties include valleys, rolling hills, open fields and miles of creeks.

    At the minimum you will hunt no less than 60 acres per hunter. Stop by and I'll show you the property, the stands, the creek, and maybe we'll catch a few Brookies while we're at it.

    For more information: email TrophyBucks@me.com or call Don at 612-520-1711

2013 WI Deer Outfitter Video Review

For the first time ever, I decided to carry a mini video camera this autumn to capture some of the sights, and a few of the autumn sounds while I was out in the Wisconsin woods.  Click here or on the photo to see the 2013 autumn video. This video is kind of like hunting, sometimes we hunters watch the deer, other times we’re studying  the wind, enjoying other wildlife around the woods near us, or observing the migration overhead. Besides having deer and trophy bucks, this video also includes Otters, Pileated Woodpeckers, Eagles, migrating Sandhill Cranes and Turkeys along with trail cam still photos. This video starts in the colorful October autumn and ends with snow covering the ground.

I purchased a Muddy camera arm, which worked quite well when I used it. However, most of the time I shot the camera free hand, not wanting to carry the camera arm along when I was also hunting and toting all the other gear. The camera is a Canon Vixia HF R400 and is small enough to fit in the outside pocket of my harness. Nice! Also, the rotating screen means I could slip the camera out of the pocket, rotate the screen and shoot, without raising the camera up to my eye. This keeps motion to a minimum, very necessary when deer are close by. The camera also has a silent setting, so there is absolutely no noise when turning the camera on or off.

In all this WI deer outfitter video lasts 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Trophy Buck from WI Deer Outfitter

Trophy Buck from WI Deer Outfitter




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Wisconsin Trophy Buck at Turtle Creek Outfitters

Tate’s timing couldn’t have been better. Arriving later in the afternoon, he was able to see a couple bucks before dark. The next morning with high winds predicted, we moved him to a more protected stand. He ended up seeing another six bucks in three hours, finally taking this 8 point buck.


Tate’s eight point buck from Turtle Creek Outfitters


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Trophy Buck Video of BigTen

BigTen trophy buck from Turtle Creek Outfitters in Wisconsin

BigTen trophy buck from Turtle Creek Outfitters in Wisconsin

Check out this video link below of BigTen, a trophy buck also known as Big Louie to another group of hunters nearby. BigTen was within 50 yards of me recently while I was in a tree, and within 40 yards of another archer, who was at full draw on the creek bottom but couldn’t stop him for the shot.

For the video, I was outside doing chores near the lodge when I noticed a doe being chased by a buck. A few minutes later another buck with a bigger body showed up, it was BigTen. I snuck into the lodge, found my video camera, which I started to carry with me this year for the first time, and took video of BigTen as he hung out with this doe. This clip is the last of six video clips. Enjoy!

Check out this western Wisconsin trophy buck here.



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First Archery Deer Ever for Mike

Due to the cold, Mike came in for a bit in the middle of the day. After lunch, this lefty, ended up on another creek bottom stand. At 3:30 he could hear, and partially see through the brush, deer chasing up and down the middle of the creek. Generally, except for the trout holes, the water is a foot deep. Deer easily run the thread of Turtle Creek, plus they’ll plunge into the trout holes up to their neck.  This chasing went on for 15 minutes as more bucks and does showed up to see what was happening. Then, this 9 point showed up atop the ridge on the high side of the creek bottom. He dropped into the creek bottom as Mike lost sight of him. It’s hard to concentrate on one deer when there are four bucks and three doe all within 40 yards of you. The 9 emerged from the brush as Mike was right in the middle of all these deer . The 9 circled around the tree stand where Mike was waiting for the quartering away shot. The arrow was true. Mike’s first archery deer ever was shot right in the middle of the heart. Only a few leaps were left, and this 9 was down.

Mike scores his first archery deer ever at Turtle Creek Outfitters.

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Autumn Color | Bucks Tending Scrapes

The weather and the autumn color has been spectacular! I went for a walk the other morning as the sun was rising, attempting to break through the ground fog. The wind was still, the sun was lighting up the colorful trees, and the temp was perfect at 53. I think God out did himself that morning. I could hardly contain myself!

As for the bucks, they started tending scrapes Oct. 2, or very late on Oct. 1. I checked cameras at two properties with bucks at both properties becoming active with scrape activity at exactly the same time. Funny how that works! We’ve seen bigger bucks than what’s on camera so far….. and have heard our friends typical reports for this time of year, “12 pointer with 2 foot sprerad”. I’m fairly certain we’ll be getting some of these Super Star western WI trophy bucks on camera soon. That’s been the norm for our monster bucks, 12 or 14 points scoring in the 170 to 180 range.

By the way, stopped by the local tavern a couple days back, and they showed us photos of a 32 pointer that was shot nearby last year. The 32 point buck scored around 210. While we haven’t seen a 32 pointer on our property, 16, 18, 24, and now 32 pointers have been taken within a few miles of us over the past 5 years. So, don’t freak out (easier said than done, I know) when a huge basket comes walking through the woods looking like an abnormality he’s so huge. No kidding, it’s happened here at Turtle Creek Outfitters. When a trophy buck ran out of the woods, into an alfalfa field, with 5 interested doe, the hunter spotted the obvious rack and started counting points…… until the buck was gone. From a 100 yard wide open shot, to poof! The hunter stopped counting at 12, but it was to late, no shot was fired. Just getting to see one of those big boys is still something I never forget.

Be safe and good luck!

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