• Wisconsin Deer Hunting at Turtle Creek

    Welcome to the heart of deer country, located only 90 minutes from the Twin Cities. We're outfitters in western Wisconsin offering free range archery and rifle hunting. Whether you prefer archery or rifle season, we invite you to deer hunt Wisconsin whitetail with us.

    In the hills of western Wisconsin, at the northern edge of the Driftless Area, you'll find the peace and quiet and the trophy bucks of your dreams. Our properties include valleys, rolling hills, open fields and miles of creeks.

    At the minimum you will hunt no less than 60 acres per hunter. Stop by and I'll show you the property, the stands, the creek, and maybe we'll catch a few Brookies while we're at it.

    For more information: email TrophyBucks@me.com or call Don at 612-520-1711

WI Whitetail Summer Coats

I post these deer photos to show the wonderful summer red coats the deer have. Most of us spend more time outdoors in the autumn when the deer wear their brown winter coats. More than ever, I appreciate these beautiful summer red coats.

For those looking for trophy bucks, check out the deer track on the last photo and imagine the bone on his head. I haven’t set much for trail cameras yet, mostly due to the tiny, sweet eating ants that invade and colonize inside the cameras in June and July. This invasion generally renders the cameras useless.  Hopefully these little camera killers are slowing down now and I’ll get the trail cams up and out the door soon.


WI Whitetail in Summer Coats


WI doe with two fawns. Red summer coats.


WI whitetail bucks in summer coats.


Big deer track in western WI

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TC Outfitters Summer Update

It’s July 2nd and this should be a summer update, but it feels like a spring update.  June ended up setting rainfall records, or close to it depending on what areas were discussed by the meteorologists. Our typical June rainfall totals are in the 4″ level.  This June logged in any where from 11 1/2″ to 14″.  Any way you look at it, that’s substantial rainfall.  Some of the crops have been lost to water ponding in the fields, but the rest of the corn seems to be getting along quite well, given the late planting dates.

We’ve been remodeling the walkout, adding a bathroom and bedroom, along with fixing up the main area and bar. The new bathroom will have a heated floor to keep it cozy.

We managed to get out trout fishing again when the water subsided for a short time. Picked up a couple brookies alone the rapidly growing ferns, then it rained another 2″, again.

Shoot Straight!

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WI Deer Hunting | Spring Update

June 7, 2014

Once again it is raining……

Following a cold winter, with plenty of snow that made it impossible to access the woods, even with snow shoes, we now have been hit with 2″ of rain every week for the past 6 weeks or so. The near record setting wet spring kept local farmers out of fields until mid May. Fishing has been difficult with the high water. Some creeks and rivers in the area have not been fishable all spring.

Going back to last autumn, a few corn fields were left standing through winter due to the high moisture. The photo of the two ears of corn was taken this spring, after standing in the field this past winter, providing deer food all winter long. Winter was deadly for some of our trees. We lost a beautiful young, bushy norway pine that was growing in a prominent location for a future archery stand, plus a couple of the apple trees and a cherry tree.

We’ve been planting food plots when possible, yet some areas are still to wet for planting.  Guess the wet spring plots will be left for an autumn plot, or whenever it dries out.

I’ve been wondering why a clever, nocturnal trophy buck suddenly shows himself openly, time and again during daylight hours. Was it that his age and desire to breed was more powerful than his nocturnal instincts? He probably started out young, naive and wandered the woods during daylight hours, then became a nocturnal buck around three year old, and finally a daylight trophy buck late in life. Well, according to a recent broadcast of Midwest Whitetail, Bill Winke says it seems when bucks get to about six years of age, they tend to become daylight bucks. They throw caution to the wind! So whatever the reason is, if everybody simply let the younger bucks live, sooner or later we’ll all get chances at that trophy buck, by just letting the younger bucks grow old. It’s possibly just that simple.

The overall opinion around here is that the deer survived the winter in good shape. Evidently there was enough browse and standing corn to feed the deer. The snow, while deep and fluffy, was better than being deep with a crust on top. A sturdy crust on top of the snow cuts up the deer, makes it tougher to browse, and can allow predators to stalk on the crust while deer break through.

By the way, the one set of  photos that appear to be scallions, or small leeks, are really Ramps. We harvest wild Ramps here in May when they are abundant, before they wither up in early June and disappear till next year, so it’s a short picking season. Ramps have become very popular in restaurants with a locavore movement. You can eat both the bulb and the leaves.

That’s about all for now.

Shoot Straight!


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2013 WI Deer Outfitter Video Review

For the first time ever, I decided to carry a mini video camera this autumn to capture some of the sights, and a few of the autumn sounds while I was out in the Wisconsin woods.  Click here or on the photo to see the 2013 autumn video. This video is kind of like hunting, sometimes we hunters watch the deer, other times we’re studying  the wind, enjoying other wildlife around the woods near us, or observing the migration overhead. Besides having deer and trophy bucks, this video also includes Otters, Pileated Woodpeckers, Eagles, migrating Sandhill Cranes and Turkeys along with trail cam still photos. This video starts in the colorful October autumn and ends with snow covering the ground.

I purchased a Muddy camera arm, which worked quite well when I used it. However, most of the time I shot the camera free hand, not wanting to carry the camera arm along when I was also hunting and toting all the other gear. The camera is a Canon Vixia HF R400 and is small enough to fit in the outside pocket of my harness. Nice! Also, the rotating screen means I could slip the camera out of the pocket, rotate the screen and shoot, without raising the camera up to my eye. This keeps motion to a minimum, very necessary when deer are close by. The camera also has a silent setting, so there is absolutely no noise when turning the camera on or off.

In all this WI deer outfitter video lasts 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Trophy Buck from WI Deer Outfitter

Trophy Buck from WI Deer Outfitter




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