• Wisconsin Deer Hunting at Turtle Creek

    Welcome to the heart of deer country, located only 90 minutes from the Twin Cities. We're outfitters in western Wisconsin offering free range archery and rifle hunting. Whether you prefer archery or rifle season, we invite you to deer hunt Wisconsin whitetail with us.

    In the hills of western Wisconsin, at the northern edge of the Driftless Area, you'll find rolling hills, tangled creek bottoms, and the trophy bucks of your dreams. At the minimum you will hunt no less than 80 acres per hunter.

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After several years of attempting a prairie burn, it all finally came together on April 11, this year, 2015. We made the fire break with the tractor the night before, plowing and then disking. The rain held off and the wind finally settled down around 9:00 pm before we felt comfortable starting with the back burn. After the back burn was in place, we burned the remaining grass in sections, letting the fire rip downwind.

The prairie restoration project was first burned and planted in 2011 with help from the DNR, the NRCS and the Prairie Farm Fire Department.  The initial project was a mixed bag of successful and unsuccessful prairie grass. A portion of the original project was taken over by weeds such as thistle, nettle, and burdock. Hopefully this burn and future burns will help eliminate those weeds letting the warm season grasses take hold.

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Beautiful weather arrived before tax day. This is a great time of year to scout and work on deer stands. I was scouting the creek looking for deer sign when I bumped a goose sitting on this nest. The nest sits on rock that collapsed from the protruding bluff to the left of frame. At the time of the collapse, there was a hunter in a tree 150 yards away.

It had been a very rainy October that year that saturated the ground, weakening the hold on the rock outcrop. The outcrop toppled over along with three or four 10″ diameter trees also tipping into Turtle Creek. The hunter heard the sound and turned in time to see the tress falling over.  He was quite amazed to have witnessed this rare event.


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This is what your trophy buck looks like when he arrives home, or in this case to work. We had a custom built “buck box” made for this UPS trip, then had 750,000? styrofoam peanuts to soften the bumps along the way. This trophy buck arrived in perfect shape, eye lashes, whiskers and all. Thanks to Rodger for supplying these photos.

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It appeared that some bucks lost antlers around Christmas. However, from what we’ve seen lately, many of the bucks still have their antlers. Go figure.

We had a local taxidermist, Scott Stuart, mount this trophy for us. As we discussed the shipping possibilities, neither Scott nor I wanted to be responsible for the packaging of this buck. So I called UPS and asked if they could crate up a mount. No problem……but it took some pondering before UPS decided to build a wooden crate, instead of relying on the usual card board boxes. I just had to hang this trophy up in a couple different places to see how he looked.

Happy Trails Trophy WI Whitetail!


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