Bowhunter Magazine Article by Dwight Schuh | Taking Stock


On the last page of the September 2015 magazine, Bowhunter, I found an insightful hunting perspective from Dwight Schuh. At 70, Dwight reflects on his hunting and changes in hunting over the past 50 years. I would have added a link to the article, but couldn’t find it online. So I paraphrase Dwight here.

Dream Big. Some things may seem impossible, but if you don’t dream on, it’ll never happen.

Hunt Honorably. The only honor in hunting comes from doing things right, legally and ethically.

Respect Others. Trespassers, fights over stand sights and trail cam theft have become common. Those responsible are not hunters.

The Good Old Days Are Now. Hunting is changing, mostly for the better, with many wild game populations being plentiful.

Keep Priorities Straight. Enjoy hunting, but be careful not to sacrifice family and friends for it.

Savor The Moment. Its tempting to grumble about being skunked, bad weather and so on. Every day in the field is a privilege, enjoy whatever happens!

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