TC Outfitters Summer Update

It’s July 2nd and this should be a summer update, but it feels like a spring update.  June ended up setting rainfall records, or close to it depending on what areas were discussed by the meteorologists. Our typical June rainfall totals are in the 4″ level.  This June logged in any where from 11 1/2″ to 14″.  Any way you look at it, that’s substantial rainfall.  Some of the crops have been lost to water ponding in the fields, but the rest of the corn seems to be getting along quite well, given the late planting dates.

We’ve been remodeling the walkout, adding a bathroom and bedroom, along with fixing up the main area and bar. The new bathroom will have a heated floor to keep it cozy.

We managed to get out trout fishing again when the water subsided for a short time. Picked up a couple brookies alone the rapidly growing ferns, then it rained another 2″, again.

Shoot Straight!

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