First Archery Deer Ever for Mike

Due to the cold, Mike came in for a bit in the middle of the day. After lunch, this lefty, ended up on another creek bottom stand. At 3:30 he could hear, and partially see through the brush, deer chasing up and down the middle of the creek. Generally, except for the trout holes, the water is a foot deep. Deer easily run the thread of Turtle Creek, plus they’ll plunge into the trout holes up to their neck.  This chasing went on for 15 minutes as more bucks and does showed up to see what was happening. Then, this 9 point showed up atop the ridge on the high side of the creek bottom. He dropped into the creek bottom as Mike lost sight of him. It’s hard to concentrate on one deer when there are four bucks and three doe all within 40 yards of you. The 9 emerged from the brush as Mike was right in the middle of all these deer . The 9 circled around the tree stand where Mike was waiting for the quartering away shot. The arrow was true. Mike’s first archery deer ever was shot right in the middle of the heart. Only a few leaps were left, and this 9 was down.

Mike scores his first archery deer ever at Turtle Creek Outfitters.

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