WI Food Plot and WI Brook Trout

The corn made knee hight by the 4th of July! After a cold, wet and long spring, this Wisconsin corn field made it to the bench mark of knee high by the 4th of July.

Wisconsin corn field on July 4th

This Wisconsin food plot features corn on the high ground intermingling with soy beans on the lower ground.

Wisconsin food plot at Turtle Creek Outfitters

This Wisconsin food plot photo shows corn growing high with the beans coming up underneath.

WI Deer Food Plot at Turtle Creek Outfitters

Turtle Creek Outfitters has over a mile of trout stream on the property. This 11″ brook trout isn’t the biggest, but an 11″ brook trout is a favorite for table fare.

By the way, Turtle Creek Outfitters will be featured on “The Opener” August 17. The Opener will be carried on MAV TV. The show was filmed during the rifle season of 2012.

WI Brook Trout at Turtle Creek Outfitters

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