The Rut is Hot, Buck Down

We’ve had a few close encounters with the big boys, including a miss by me…..ouch! Ryan bagged this bruiser buck on Sunday. The buck only went 50 yards.

I included the photo of the rub with me in it to show how high that rub is.

For me personally…….I’ve taken off my peep sight and added a kisser button. That’s kind of desperate in the middle of the rut, but figured I had nothing to lose. The sweet spot on my glasses is so small. When shooting a bow out the corner of your eye, everything is out of focus. The peep sight was also killing me in low light action. I like the kisser button method when shooting at the target. I’ve been drawing my bow on the smaller bucks for practice. We’ll see what happens when the big guys wander by. Wish me luck….I don’t want to be relegated to the crossbow.

wi archery buck at tco


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