Isn’t milkweed the best! Not only is it completely natural, it’s beautiful and free. I have a knee high pocket on my hunting pants where the milkweed is kept. When needed, I just reach in and let it fly, float, drift, meander, what ever it does to tell me the story of the wind currents or thermals.

One time while sitting on the creek bottom with a 20 mph westerly wind floating corn leaves overhead some 50 feet or so, I let a series of milkweed seeds fly. You know what? They went every which direction, except east. That wind was coming through the valley untouched above, while pushing down and out along the creek bottom. Those seeds would float, dance, then head south or north and even turn back west.

The thermals are so important. It’s a must to know where your scent is headed, otherwise your’re not in the game. With the milkweed you’ll know if you should react fast, or hopefully you know there’s a bit more time, since the thermal is rising or moving away from the deer.

I still have a milkweed pod in a ziplock bag from last year and they look fine. Use the milkweed and wind educate yourself, all the while helping out the Monarch Butterfly whose life depends on Milkweed to survive.


Wind indicator

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