Blue Moon, Arrow Rest, Lumenok, Paper Tuning

I have to start off with this photo of the Blue Moon. Ok. actually it was the next day, but close, and I can’t really tell it’s not full anyway. The deer were out earlier than ever the day of the Blue Moon. I usually don’t like a full moon hunting, since it seems the deer become nocturnal. However, I suppose they know it’s not season yet and were out very early,  like three hours before dark. They know when to party.

I Paper Tuned for the first time ever and it was much easier than I thought it would be. I only had a slight adjustment to make on the arrow rest and bingo, the arrow was right on.

I’ve also added Lumenok for the first time. So after shooting this past weekend, first time since last autumn, I have to say I’ll probably never shoot at a deer without a lit nock again. I’ve heard the nock weight can change your trajectory, but I couldn’t see any difference between the lit and unlit nocks, up to 40 yards.

And the biggest news for me was the new Schaffer arrow rest I purchased last spring and finally had the chance to try out. I purchased the rest on the advice of Junior at Bwana Archery. Realize I was shooting a whisker bisquet before, and oh, how I was beat up for using one of those biscuits. They were right! I’m now sold on the Schaffer. I’ve never been this consistent with the bisquet, which plays bad tricks on your confidence, it’s awful. Now I’m feeling great about my shooting.

For target practice, just lay the arrow in and the draw sets the rest. Although sometimes the Schaffer will pop the arrow right up and over the rest, then I needed to reset. For hunting, place the arrow, then manually set the rest. So the arrow can’t fall out and your ready to go, and you don’t need to worry about the arrow jumping out.

I like all the changes and can’t wait to shoot again. It was too long since shooting. You know the Zen in Archery!


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